By Iranian Contemporary Photographers

“By Iranian Contemporary Photographers” is a curatorial project intended to document the sample work of some of the most well-known photographers from Iran. The current virtual exhibit, as a first step, is based on the idea that each invited photographer submits two photographs of their choice from their portfolios: The photographs should present each artist’s “at work-ethic”, and in this way reflect their artistic voice, their world view and their interaction with the medium of photography.

Therefore, this virtual exhibition, more than anything is an invitation to some of the top Iranian artists to scrutinize their own experience by introducing their work character to the public in open and unforced conditions. In a nutshell, the current collection is a snapshot of the personal relationship of each artist with their work and definitions they use to present themselves through their own “choice”.

The criteria used for selecting artists in this exhibition has leaned towards people who have developed a unified approach in their personal portfolios: A coherence which allows the critics to find meaning in their work from the selected subjects, gravitation to form, dependence on special styles of image making, or an interest in certain genre.

“By Iranian Contemporary Photographers”, therefore, is an ideal research resource for those who want to familiarize themselves or study Iranian Contemporary Photography. It opens a small yet truthful window, without any intermediaries, to Iranian Contemporary Photographers: A narrative heard through the voices of narrators.

Mehdi Moghimnejad

(Note: This exhibition, previously on display in Pardis Mellat Gallery in Tehran from November 2 till December 13, 2013, is curated by Dr. Mehdi Moghimnejad. We would like to express our gratitude for Mr. Moghimnejad, as well as others supporting us in bringing this collection to life for the world to see).

Charchub Team

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